How Easily And Quickly You Can Clean The Oven!

Cleaning the oven full of grease deposited in layers in time is a chore for any housewife. It is very unaesthetic to have an oven that’s dirty but most importantly it is very unhealthy. Whenever you make something in the oven you have to think about the army of microbes that gathered along time. This will not improve the food quality but only will worsen it.

There are some secrets that can make your oven cleaner than ever without much hassle. These are some tips that were proven to be very efficient for me and this is the reason why I want to share them with you. Here is the only natural solution and effective methods that helped me when I needed!

All you need is: a towel, a bowl, vinegar, water, a spray bottle (reminiscent of the glass cleaning solution) and water.

What needs to be done?

1. In a bowl, put a few tablespoons of baking and mix them with water until you get a thick paste really not. Remove from the oven shelves and spread throughout homogeneous paste outside surface. Leave the paste to act noon – it’s best to leave it overnight. Wipe then the paste with a damp towel.

2. Put vinegar in spray bottle and spray the interior surfaces of the oven where the remaining debris paste of baking soda.

3. Remove the oven well with a clean kitchen towel, wet. Finally, turn the oven on low heat and let it run for 15-20 minutes to dry them well inside. Pending the conclusion of this operation, do not bake anything!

The glass furnace is perfectly clean with a thick paste made from baking soda + water + vinegar. Leave the paste to act 30 minutes and then remove the glass well.

Everything gleams cleaning now, is not it?

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