Make Cleaning Easier, Faster And Better. Tricks That You Need To Know

Cleanliness is one of the activities that take away most of our free time while being absolutely necessary and unavoidable. Moreover, in addition to the aesthetic factor, a clean house is translated through a healthy environment, free of dust and allergens.

But there are some tricks and things that will make your weekends no longer be consumed by exhausting chores, but with family and friends at a picnic or watch a movie. Here’s what you should know:

Equip yourself smart

We tend to associate cleanliness with dozens of detergents and chemical solutions designed to remove dirt. In reality, some of these products are not only toxic to your family, but used for a long term, may even damage the appearance of things. As for the idea that using a specific detergent will not have to rub the stains, although we are just marketing techniques.

With such a device, however, you’ll discover that you will not need tens of detergents, you will not have to worry about relating to chemicals and effort will be much lower than with a mop or cloth. Not only do you clean faster, but the results will surprise you pleasantly. You save a lot of time using the same product for multiple surfaces.

The right order: from top to bottom and from left to right

Never begin cleaning the floor or in the middle. In the kitchen, for example, we tend to start with the top, but it is preferable to start from the top – from racks and shelves, countertop – stove, oven – and final floor.

If you start with the floor when you clean the shelves, the dust would go down on the freshly cleaned floor and will have to start over again. Also, for the same reasons it is recommended to clean from left to right, never the middle of the room.

The first step – remove the dust

Although many people leave this step to finally clean house for a short while, he is the first to be doing it. Dusting is done before vacuuming, which should be done only at the end.

Solutions you need for action

Make a short list of areas to be cleaned with a product that needs time to act – the toilet, sinks, tubs and taps, and oven. Apply once all solutions. Until you get to the last, you can already save a rinse first and in this way a lot of time.

Remember that you can prepare your own cleaning solution even more effective than commercially – oven a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda and bath surfaces for part vinegar to three parts water. Baking soda in combination with vinegar works well for cleaning the spills. These solutions are very effective, cheap and with no toxic chemicals.

How to quickly clean the oven

Cleaning the oven and the oven classic is quite demanding. I said above bicarbonate-based solution that helps to remove dirt, but to make sure that will easily remove stains, heat the oven before, one of the best tricks. Crusts are softened and should be removed immediately.

If the microwave oven sits in it a sponge soaked with water and turn on the oven for a minute. In this way it will soften food stains on the walls and it’s easy you can remove with a damp cloth.

Useful tricks in any home:

Check out these tricks: Ironing will take less if you put under the bag of the table a piece of aluminum foil. It will warm up and you will not need to go too often with iron to remove wrinkles from clothing.

Give up ironing curtains by hanging them slightly wet, immediately after being removed from the washing machine. They will smooth themselves, without the need of iron. Do not forget to leave windows open to hasten drying them.

In stores you’ll find housewares microwaveable heat-resistant caps. With this help, the oven walls will not be dirty and will not only have to wash the dishes with the cover.

Lime stains on the shower head will go away if you leave the shower in a solution of one part water, one part vinegar. You can use a bag connected to the end of this. After 30 minutes remove the shower head and rinse thoroughly.

What do you think about these tips? Did you know some of them?

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