Natural Solution That Cleans The Bathroom!

The bathroom is an extremely important room, due to its precise functions. Since its destinations are strictly related to hygiene, cleanliness is imperative to keep a constant healthy life. Although generally the size of a bathroom are quite low, which often leads to postponement cleaning process, precisely because we think it will take a while, this room must always be clean.

First, when you start cleaning, place all dirty clothes in a laundry basket, trying to keep order, and packaging and empty containers of various products for body maintenance must be thrown away, to keep the bathroom more airy. Objects that attract attention when we step into the bathroom are batteries, water spots and lime being deposited. To avoid this, it is recommended to wipe them with water after each use.

Keep in mind that to get rid of these marks you should not resort to aggressive methods such as rubbing or chemical agents or wire sponge, leading to scratches. They should be cleaned with a sponge and special solutions or resorting to traditional methods, even your dishes using natural products, then be washed with water and wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel.

If you want to give up detergents that clean your bathroom, try this natural alternative.


1.5 liters of water
Half a cup of baking soda
A quarter cup of lemon juice
A quarter cup of vinegar
Dissolve baking soda in water.
Add lemon juice and vinegar.
Mix one minute.

Lemons will help clean pipes and copper objects and escape of odors from leaking. Toilet bowl health is the most important object, therefore, must be the cleanest. Pour in this special solution to clean toilets and let it work for 20 minutes. And its outside cover will be removed with disinfectant wipes or alcohol.

A universal cleaning solution is obtained by mixing half a cup of pure soap, lemon juice and 4 liters of hot water. You can also apply some lemon juice on stained areas for a few minutes, and then gently rub with baking soda. Lemons will help clean pipes and copper objects and escape of odors from leaking, it pours in hot water with lemon juice and peel.

Wipe the mirror, preferably after each shower to avoid stains. Otherwise, you can clean it with a glass cleaner using a paper or filter paper, lint-free and as they absorb excess fluids. An alternative consists in mixing vinegar with baking soda and lemon juice, spraying the solution on the mirror. Grease stains can be removed with water and dishwashing detergent or liquid soap. Sink, the shelves and bathtub can be cleaned using a special detergent and rinse with hot water. Tiles must be cleaned with a sanitizing solution, then, to shine, you can resume the process, using, however, glass cleaner. A final step in this process is to sweep and wash the floor.

The bathroom is the mirror of the beholder, and keeping it clean not only helps us to lead a healthy life, but also to conduct our daily activities in optimal conditions.

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