How To Get Rid Of Dangerous Microbes In Your Home

Microbes and also the dust from the house can seriously affect your health and can trigger infections of the digestive tract, respiratory tract, asthma and other allergies or even can decrease immunity, leaving your body completely unarmed against infections.

We propose some steps to get rid of dangerous microbes from home and maintain the health of yours and family members.

Do not enter in the house with street shoes

Street shoes contain soles of their many dangerous bacteria such as E. coli and a number of parasites in fecal traces on the asphalt sidewalks or streets, even viruses. So it is advisable not just walking around in the house with street shoes, but you can wash your shoes every day or even several days.

Experts recommend having a wardrobe immediately at the entrance to the house where you take out your shoes and change them for the house. And footwear should be washed weekly.

Furniture with doors

Although aesthetic shelves and display cabinets filled with all sorts of items should be enclosed with glass doors if you want to be visible objects. This will help you maintain for easier cleaning and easier to remove dust, because microbes love to deposit on objects and furniture, being particularly allergens.

Pay attention to the carpet

Specialists recommended to avoid as much as possible the carpets in the house, but if you still want very much to have some, then it is recommended to be modern rugs that can be easily cleaned with organic detergents.


In the bathroom we keep many care products, but experts recommend as they are stored in cabinets with doors, including bath sponge or toothbrush. Also always pull the water to the toilet with the lid pulled because, experts say, when you flush some of the bacteria are scattered in the room toilet with water drops. Therefore you must first pull the cover. In no way keep your toothbrush or sponge bath near the toilet.

In the kitchen

After the bathroom, the kitchen is loaded with bacteria as very next room. Therefore experts recommend:

Change weekly the dish sponge,
Clean the sink, countertop and stove daily. Vinegar is very helpful in removing microbes;
Sink trap will be changed every half year.
Mop the floor daily and clean with organic detergents because these are recommended if you have children, pets or if you like to walk barefoot. In addition, organic detergents are non-toxic, another plus for your health.

The dust

Dust is a real enemy of health and should therefore be removed regularly. Furniture doors will be helpful to keep clothes, objects, vessels etc. away from dust. Carpets outbreaks are true when it comes to germs in the house, so experts advise us to avoid them if possible.

Gym clothes and bedding

Gym clothing must reach directly the laundry basket as soon as you got home, they have germs from the gym. Also bed linen must be changed weekly.

Personal hygiene

Beside daily shower and washing your teeth, dermatologists recommend us to have a special sponge for cleaning ears, also a brush to access under the nails. Nail fungus is among the most common fungal infections, and cleaning every shower with toothbrush designed for nails (a toothbrush for nails of hands and one for the toes) do wonders when it comes to preventing microbes.

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