4 Mistakes About Removing Dust You Do Not Know You Make

One of the most unpleasant steps when you do cleaning, it is, for many people, removing the dust. As much as we try, we can not totally get rid of it, and this is due mostly to some common mistakes.

1. You use a whisk

The whisk is the most commonly used tool when dusting, but it does not prove to be the most effective. All you do is spread the powder on a surface to another, which is why it is advisable to remove dust with a microfiber cloth. Not only it is gathered dust, but it remains deposited on the material and, thus, no longer scattered dust. For the results to be as good, you should take care to clean the microfiber cloth or to replace when dirty.

2. You do not use a spray when the dust is dried

When the dust is dry, it becomes much easier and thus you encounter problems to gather it and get rid of him. In such moments, uses a spray to remove dust, which should be sprayed on the microfiber cloth and you can see how much easier is to gather dust.

3. You do not clean the vacuum filters

A common mistake concerning the vacuums and filters is that these are not replaced very often. The filters are designed to trap sucked dust particles, but with time, they get clogged and do not efficiently gather dust in many cases, even giving it out. For these reasons it is advisable to wash or to replace vacuum filters very often.

4. You apply the spray directly on furniture

Another mistake is about directly spraying the furniture. Sprays should be applied on the microfiber cloths, not on furniture, because dust gathers and creates a layer that will only attract more dust.

Image Credits: Red Candy via Pressloft

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