How Often Should You Wash Your Laundry?

Many people encounter a dilemma about when you should wash clothing or linens. If you wash them too often, you risk shorten their lifespan and, often, it is not enough just to check them or smell them, to be able to tell if you have to wash them.

Bed linen

The world is used to wash bedding every 3-4 weeks or when it was dirty. All wrong! Bedding should be changed at least once a week, even more as we are sweating during the night. Even though it is not visible to the naked eye, bacteria gather and are very numerous, and if you get used to using body cream or oil you can be sure that they provide the perfect environment to multiply.

Pillows and duvets

Regarding pillows and quilts should be noted as they should be washed, but not as often as bedding, but several times a year. Even if they are protected by sheets, all constitute grounds for bacteria.

Tip: To be sure that you remember the last time you washed it, you can clean when changing season or during major holidays (Easter, Christmas, etc.).


Regarding garments, jackets, jeans and dresses you can wear them several times to wash them. If you wore a garment once, this does not mean you have to wash it after that use. For example, you can wash pajamas after you’ve used them a few nights in a row and jeans after the material began to be softer.

Bath towels

Bath towels need to be washed after 3 or 4 uses, especially if they are large. Surely you noticed that after a few uses, towels tend to gain an unpleasant smell, like mildew. To avoid this, towels should be hung in a ventilated area and with low humidity.

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