Learn To Properly Clean Your Glasses For A Longer Life Span

You have to recognizes that when the glasses lenses get dirty, you wipe them with what you have on hand: a corner of the shirt, the scarf or handkerchief paper. If you wondered why you scratch the glasses or see very clearly, the first thing you should think about is that you have not cleaned properly. And do not imagine that you need special products. It’s easier than you imagined.

Use warm water and soap!

The most simple and effective way to clean the glasses is to wash your lenses with lukewarm soapy water and then wipe them with a handkerchief microfiber. It’s good to have it all the time in the frame for glasses, because you can use it without washing glasses provided that to avoid rubbing too hard the lens. The microfiber cloth cleaning is recommended for all types of lenses, whether glass or plastic.

If you have plastic lenses, to enjoy them as much, use the same lukewarm soapy water and then wiping them with a handkerchief microfiber (You should not use water, because when you wipe them, the traces will remain).


  • paper handkerchief, because in time you can observe scratches on the lens. In addition, microscopic pieces of paper remain on the surface of the lens;
  • If you have specific lens (glare, hardening etc.), any other substance outside this cleaning solution can damage by dissolving the coating surface treatment;
  • Do not wear glasses on your head, because you have to clean more often, and lenses can scratch more easily;
  • Do not use any type of cleaner glass surfaces (the ones for glass, for example) or any other kind of solution for home use.

Image Credits: Spectacles Women Glasses

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