Clean Your Hood Vent Filters Efficiently Using 2 Ingredients

Grease and dust collect in layers in the kitchen hood vent filters. At least once a month it is recommended to clean them and if they are made of aluminum, it will be much easier.

Hoods with metal filters are the most resistant and easier to clean. Check regularly to see if they filed inside dirt on the filter, because on the surface they may seem clean. The more dirty they are, the more their filtering capacity decreases and odors and steam laden with fat particles remain in the kitchen. Here’s how to clean the filters quickly and with minimum effort. You only need two ingredients, simple and natural, that we already have in the kitchen.

1. Baking soda cleans the filters in minutes

  • look for a high and wide pot to fit the filter, fill it with water and put it to boil on the stove over low heat;
  • add half a cup of baking soda gradually, using a spoon, because when it boils, it immediately begins to foam;
  • put the metal filter into the pot and let it simmer to boil; you will see how grease and dirt begins to melt and accumulate on the surface;
  • if it’s necessary, change the water again and put the filter to boil with baking powder until all the dirt is dissolved;
  • remove the filter from the hot water with protective gloves and use a soft brush to clean the metal mesh of the last traces of dirt, then rinse with hot water under pressure;
  • do not throw the dirty water in a sink, because you risk clogging the drain pipe.

2. Borax makes wonders!

You can do the same, filling a high pot with hot water, or you could fill a sink that would be fitted for your hood vent filters and add ¼ cup of borax.

All you have to do is placing the hood vent filters in this mixture, allowing it to act for about 15 minutes so the grease would come out.

After waiting, use some gloves to take the hood vent filters out of the water and watch them how shiny are. If you’re not satisfied and you find still small traces of grease, you can also use a toothbrush to scrub easily the stains. You can wipe the off repeatedly if it is necessary. All the grease will be in the water and your filters look like new again.

Image Credits: Hood filters , Greasy Hood Filters

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