6 Tips To Keep Your Basement Smelling Fresh For A Cleaner Environment

There are several things that you can do to keep the odors at bay and keep your basement smelling fresh and clean. Below you have 6 recommendations for your basement to keep it fresh in order to have a healthier environment.

1. Ventilation

Keep the home and the basement adequately ventilated. Air needs to flow through the home to allow for it to be kept clean. To make sure this happens, have your air ducts cleaned and also have your ventilation system checked yearly.

2. Control the humidity

Control the humidity because the biggest odor causing problems in homes is that of mildew and mold. Use ventilation, windows, dehumidifiers and effective means for keeping water out to keep the level of humidity down.

3. Ventilation Cleaning

Start outside where it exits and follow it down into the home to the base of the dryer. Blocked dryer vents allow moisture to build up in the home. If the dryer is in the basement, this can be the original source of basement’s odors to start with. Rodents can take up residence in the ventilation system attracted to the lint that makes a nice nest and warm temperatures

4. Waterproof the basement

Water is the cause of many air quality problems. Make sure your basement is waterproof. A small leak can cause a tremendous amount of moisture and cause the other side of the home to smell bad.

5. Keep the home clean

Get the garbage out of the house quickly; keep the floors and spills cleaned up. Take care of those places that people like to avoid like the basement and the garage. Use products that will eliminate mold and mildew from your home.

6. Leaks Reparation

Repair all leaks. If you suspect that your foundation or the beams in your home have gotten wet or damaged, have a professional come out and make sure. Weakened structures are not safe and will cause you to become injured and cause odor in the home.

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